About us

We Surf. We Slide. We Spear.

We are watermen just like you. We love nothing more than riding the oceans waves or exploring its depths and sharing in the experience.

Each item in our store has been personally selected for your next surfing, bodysurfing, sliding, spearfishing or free diving adventure. 

We believe, that in everyone one of us, there is a calling to our roots in the sea and to make that pilgrimage, is a way to restore balance to the chaos in life. Its about the need to breathe and the only place for that breath being the ocean. This is being Born with Gills.

You can reach out to us using the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of the screen or with the following details below. If you have a general question or just want to to chat, then catch us on the usual social media suspects where we love interacting with like minded water people.

For the serious stuff

“Born with Gills” is an Australian registered company

ABN 55 153 506 784


Born with Gills
PO BOX 305
NSW 1655
See you in the brine!